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Phone NameSeller NameConditionAdditional InformationUsage DurationWarrantyLocationContact NumberPrice
Nikon D3400Talha Butt5/5Rarely used1-3 Months UsedNo WarrantyLahore, Punjab
Rs. 50,000/-
Nikon D3400Fidaullah Khan 5/5Along with 70 300 lens.. 1-3 Months UsedNo WarrantyBannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Rs. 45,000/-
Nikon D3400Fidaullah5/51-3 Months Used1-3 Months WarrantyBannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Rs. 45,000/-
Nikon D3400Wahaj Ashraf5/5New only one month used, specially imported, Nikon premium quality camera bag, Nikon D3400 Body, 18-55mm lens, Mint Condition, Camera original box, Orignal battery, charger, strap and lens hood. Shutter Count under 5k. Price slightly Negotiable1-3 Months UsedNo WarrantyKarachi, Sindh
Rs. 58,000/-
Nikon D3400Shoaib ur Rehman5/5Camera with kit lens 18 - 55mm.32 GB card original battery & Bag4-12 Months UsedNo WarrantyKot Adu, Punjab
Rs. 35,000/-
Nikon D3400Wajahat Ali5/5Best Condition.Comes With a Waterproof Camera Bag.A 18-55 mm Lens.Original Batteries(2),Original Charger.User Manual.1-3 Months UsedNo WarrantyLahore, Punjab
Rs. 45,000/-
Nikon D3400HASSAN SHAH5/5ORIGINAL D3400 lens 18_55 lens 75-300 0riginal battery Brand New12+ Months WarrantyIslamabad, Islamabad
Rs. 79,000/-
Nikon D3400Khalid Mahmood5/5I bought this camera nikon d3400 with kit lens and additional 70 to 300mm vr lens from Japan. I used the camera for a month and the additional vr lens is untouched. The camera is in excellent condition with all accessories intact. Price is negotiable. 1-3 Months UsedNo WarrantySahiwal, Punjab
Rs. 60,000/-
Nikon D3400Hassam khan5/5It consists of: Camera bag Camera body Kit lens 18-55 Battery Nikon camera strap Charger e.t.c 4-12 Months UsedNo WarrantyKarachi, Sindh
Rs. 39,000/-
Nikon D3400Sohail ahmed5/5Nikon d3400 18-55mm kit len with v bag4-12 Months Used1-3 Months WarrantyIslamabad, Islamabad
Rs. 41,000/-